Thursday, June 2, 2011

New blog.

Hi readers, Im officially has created a new blog.
follow me and relink me kayy :)

changed to


Friday, May 20, 2011

Random 2105

Times are flies so fast OhMyGod ?!

HappY biRthdaY to YoU And Me ~~~
Its my birthday ! yeah its our birthdayyy : We're meant to be twins yeahh :)
We are turning to 18 age soon , very very soon.
Countdown for us twins okay ? still got 5 and the half hours peoples :) hehehe

Alright, we are going to celebrate our birthday at The Ship Damansara later with Jordan.
now we stay around in his house and he sing a birthday song for both of us :)

while playing the piano :) xoxo

big claps* for him hahaha
thanks for your birthday's song, Jordan :)

Btw, will update my birthday post after tomorrow kayys..
gonna attend my cousin wedding dinner tomorrow..after wedding dinner party hard hard !
see yaaaa !
stay tuned :)

End With Lovesss
Venn voyage

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Epic Fail

Today is 15th May .
Actually there are many things happen.
I REALLY FED UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder dont know what will happen after this.
In this case, I really speechless and im soooooo farking unhappy about this.
Im tired seriously.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Im back .

helllooooo ~
Last month was so busy no time for blog out my life how im doing recently.
away from my blog for thousand years .LOL

Alright , my sister , Ice and me already moved out to Ampang cause
we are working together at Renaissanse Hotel Jln its easier for us to stay nearby there to working place~
oh yeahhh we working as receiption as well.
how about the salary ?
quite GOOD to the Max wehh ..

In the first beginning,my dad did not agree to let us get that job..cause he said the place are too far he is worried seriously.

And i dont like to work at Kajang, WHY ?
the salary not enough for me to spend and earn money for my family.
RM800 ? RM 900 ? NOOOooOoooO !!

but after i told him that i wanted to learn everything outside, let me get some experience
and finally he was agreed and to pay all costs spending for two of us.

Thankiuuu fatty daddy muahhhh xoxo!

I need to control of my money lols..
i shopping til i pants drop weyyy
someone can put FULLSTOP to me can ?? wtf -.-
i need to save money! i cant wait patiently want to get the Iphone 4 okayyy
wait for me cutie Iphone ! mummy will come to get you soon ! :)

hehehe upload some photo share with you all~~

[ Hennessy Event V.S.O.P ]

Oh my , oh my ,oh my. So syok first time attending the Hennessy Event for this year.
Will update more photos of the day of Hennessy !

wait me peoples ! :D

END with loves ,xoxo
By Venn

Friday, April 22, 2011

I loved you onced you know but that was long time ago

Announced that I'm single back now.

I dont and wont give any chance to you.. not never give but
I've been giving out chances everytime and all you do is let me down.
We can only do so much and try so hard to keep love alive,after being let down so many times, you will eventually just let go, right ?

That is nothing to beg for ~
Somemore,I cant accept it who trying to hurt my family..really cant accept it !
today what are you did, you will think how stupid you are! why you will did this such of thing! soon you will get it.
I'll look down who has been hurt by gf or bf then trying to suicide. That is f**kin crazy stupid decision.

Not happy together then just leave, thats all.
God only makes happy ending.If its not happy then its not the end.

Ps: If you always live in the past,you will never have a future.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Helloooooo :)
Yeahhhh I changed my hairstyle already..wink*
Cause i enough nerd with my bored long hair and i decided to cutted it shorttttttt !
Its officially short now!!

Do i love this short hair? yess i like it seriously !

Yeahh i get alot of comments about this new photo ;)

Nice feeds back hahahaha .
Ohhh Perhaps i'll go for cut my hair again more shorter ? lol :/


p/s:Life throws the bad things at us to make the good things all the more worthwhile..

Monday, March 7, 2011



So yeahh , I have been invited by Jacklyn Gan to attend this awesome event.
It organized by her . soooooo great !
By the way im lated to this event yesterday did not buy anything but i'll come early for the this coming event LA BAZAAR at Concept Bar & Restaurant :)
place at Bandar Puteri Puchong.

All the stuff sell so cheap and niceeee!

see.. got a ferrari inside the Bar , that is cool .

cute manager hahas
Ken :)

Babe Jacklyn Gan :)
she are so cute and friendly..

Omg. im freaking tall =.=

This Restaurant are so awesome
Using Ipad to order food, its Menu :)

While waiting food , we camwhore~
Jing jing .

My cousin Yuna , i asked her to come along .
after work she straight to the V.One meet me :)
somemore she stay at Puchong too.

The benefit of hairstylist, guess what..using hair clips to clip her cigarette.
Fingers wont smelly, wtflmaoabc !

The food are so delicious and the environment /service are so good !
My Jing jing said she love this place too :)


I'll come again :)